David Still

Owner & Creative Director.


Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications


Head of Strategic Communications


Marketing Manager


Account Manager


Creative Director


Senior Graphic Designer

Stories can be a
force for good.

We believe the right story can change hearts and minds. By taking a thoughtful approach, driven by first-party data, we help companies make emotional connections that create loyal customers.

Along the way, we try to be a force for positive change and cultivate meaningful relationships with our people, clients, and communities.

What We Believe.


People are more than their job description.

We believe happy and healthy people take joy in their work and produce better outcomes for us and our clients.

Data informs decisions.

Marketing is an art, but it must also be rooted in the science of data and analytics. Data will always trump emotion.

Do the right thing… even when it’s hard.

Courageous conversations are hard, but necessary. We are honest in our relationships with our people and clients.

Learn something new each day.

We foster intellectual curiosity and continuous learning as it supports a growth mindset.

The best
idea wins.

Our culture is a meritocracy that recognizes brilliant solutions can come from anywhere.

Our story so far.

Who we were.

For 12 years, we operated as Arc Reactions Inc. – a marketing agency specializing in brand and web development.

Who we are.

We have augmented our service offerings and rebranding to MeDM – a data-driven, marketing engagement agency.

Who we’ll be.

A national leader in content marketing and brand development. We’re known as good people that do good work.


MeDM’s team is diverse in expertise and experience.

From brilliant strategists to visionary creatives to unmatched content creators, our people bring the best of themselves to work every day.

Get to know the incredible minds behind our agency and how they can help unlock your brand’s potential.

Learn more about our people 🙂

Our work.

EECOL Electric.

As is often the case with B2B marketing campaigns, helping your customers understand how you support their success is key to driving engagement. Using first-party data as a foundation, we embarked on a value-added services campaign that placed EECOL's staff and their expertise front and centre.


New West Truck Centres (NWTC) illustrates MeDM's adaptability and support in the face of remarkable growth. Initially approaching us for a website, NWTC's journey with us evolved into a multifaceted partnership that transcended conventional client-agency dynamics. 

Hire Value Inc.

Brand identity is the bedrock of Hire Value's remarkable journey, harmonizing perfectly with its core purpose: to deliver top-tier human resources consulting services. 

Oasis Fertility.

MeDM’s long-standing partnership with Oasis Fertility Centre underscores our multifaceted capabilities and steadfast dedication to helping clients scale.


MeDM and CEDA: Crafting an employer brand strategy that recruits top candidates.


MeDM's collaboration with APEX in rebranding was driven by a clear vision – to align the brand with the essence of a group of government organizations striving to elevate each other. 


MeDM played a crucial role in transforming Wajax’s Engineering Services Division by establishing a unified and coherent voice within their highly technical documents.