David Still

Owner & Creative Director.

As creative director and owner, David helps run all aspects of MeDM’s agency to ensure we not only meet our obligations, but exceed them. His curiosity, active listening skills, and methodical approach makes him well suited to solving business problems. We appreciate how he cultivates meaningful relationships with clients over time and this translates into a workload that keeps everyone involved happy. 


Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications

As MeDM’s Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications, Sheena brings vision, creativity, and an intrinsic ability to map concepts together. She teaches, challenges, and guides our clients to utilize social networks and platforms in a way that is native to the content their customers want, while remaining authentic to their brand. Her infectious smile, warmth, and goofy sense of humour have cemented her place in our hearts and our team.


Creative Director

As MeDM’s Creative Director, he consistently delivers everything from client concepts, to final edits to everything in between with a speed that makes us marvel. The breadth and depth of his design skills are rare, but rarer still is the commitment to his work. Harshh is the kind of guy who will put it all on the line to ensure a project succeeds without letting the pressure get to him.


Senior Graphic Designer

As MeDM’s Senior Graphic Designer, Fatema brings her wealth of branding, marketing, UX, and graphic design skills and experience to the table. We are enthralled with her eye for design and ability to continually come up with fresh, creative concepts for our clients. This – in addition to her enthusiasm and get-it-done attitude – makes her the perfect fit for our team.


Head of Strategic Communications

As MeDM’s Head of Strategic Communications, Anne-Marie helps brands advance their organizational goals and align their messaging. Her warmth and empathy places clients at ease, even as she asks pointed questions about what they hope to achieve and why


Marketing Manager

Day-in, day-out, Ovid’s adaptability, creativity, sense of humour, and technical skills make him an invaluable team member at MeDM. As our Marketing Manager, he does a bit of everything from creative to data analysis to graphic design to tech support for boomers (if we’re being brutally honest).   


Account Manager

As MeDM’s talented Account Manager, we rely on Dylan for everything from creative and design to Google Analytics and SEO to production and campaign coordination. Dylan has earned our trust because we know if we give him a project, we can count on his creativity and persistence to make sure we deliver the very best results for our clients.