Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications

“In every journey there is meaning. In every conflict there is growth… In every moment of doubt, remember to believe in yourself.”

Can someone be as centred as a yogi and yet as focused as a laser beam?

For Sheena Smith, being well-balanced allows her to meet her goals in life and in business.

As MeDM’s Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications, Sheena brings vision, creativity, and an intrinsic ability to map concepts together. She teaches, challenges, and guides our clients to utilize social networks and platforms in a way that is native to the content their customers want, while remaining authentic to their brand. Her infectious smile, warmth, and goofy sense of humour have cemented her place in our hearts and our team.

Prior to MeDM, Sheena spent 15 years as a content marketer working with brands like Sport Check, Atmosphere, TMP worldwide, Trigger, and Radisson 89. She was pushing content marketing before it was a thing and even launched the first Facebook ads in Canada while working at the FGL Sports Limited. Having worked both the agency and corporate sides of the business, Sheena understands the precise amount of internal and external support our larger clients need to advance their business goals.

Sheena holds diplomas in business and marketing management, and hotel and restaurant management. And yes, she really is a certified Ashtanga yoga instructor for adults and children.

When not killing it at work, Sheena heads outside to hike, swim, or kayak. She loves to eat good food and is a piped-icing traditionalist who remains firmly opposed to fondant. Besides practicing yoga, she relaxes by playing board games, taking in shows, and sharing a laugh with family and friends.

After growing up in Nova Scotia, Sheena spent her high school years in Ontario before moving to Alberta 18 years ago. Today, she lives in Calgary with her husband and her two wild little boys. She tries to get back to the ocean as much as she can.

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