Marketing Manager

“You stand where you stand by virtue of the road you walked to get there.”

You might not be able to twist on the roll of a die, but Ovid Kwok can.

Day-in, day-out, Ovid’s adaptability, creativity, sense of humour, and technical skills make him an invaluable team member at MeDM. As our Marketing Manager, he does a bit of everything from creative to data analysis to graphic design to tech support for boomers (if we’re being brutally honest).   

Before joining MeDM, Ovid worked as a graphic designer/brand manager at the Industrial-Organizational Psychology lab at the University of Calgary (U of C) helping them with graphic design, branding, and social media. 

U of C is also where Ovid attended the Haskayne School of Business to obtain his Bachelor of Commerce with a minor in Japanese. He’s not only fluent in Japanese and English, but Cantonese as well. In addition to this, he’s Google Ads certified.

Ovid loves gaming and even entertained aspirations of becoming a video game developer when he grew up. It’s not a big surprise to learn that the person he most admires is Naoki Yoshida, director and producer of Final Fantasy XIV. Despite a seemingly insurmountable challenge, Naoki transformed what was a terrible game at the time of its release into one of the most beloved games of all time. His story inspired Ovid to look at project management in a whole new light (you can check out this documentary to see why).
During his downtime, Ovid enjoys watching sports or anime, cooking, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and occasionally acting as a Dungeon Master (DM). As a DM, his creativity and adaptability helps him maintain a realistic continuity of events no matter how the dice land or what decisions the players make (so, basically just like at work). 

Ovid currently lives and works in Calgary, Alberta.

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