Communication without a strategy is just noise.

Strategic communications brings coherence and unity to your brand and how it is being experienced by internal and external audiences.

Developing and measuring communication strategies will help you build stronger relationships, shape perceptions, manage reputation and risk, and drive organizational success through intentional and thoughtful practices.

This function enhances the effectiveness of marketing activities by ensuring that messages are consistent, aligned with your brand promise, and engage key stakeholders the right way at the right time.

What makes remarkable strategic communications?

To be remarkable and strategic, communication needs to be more than just an afterthought.

It needs empowerment.

When communications is given a seat at the decision-making table, a company ensures its communication and marketing activities align with business functions and brand promise internally and externally – before going too far down the path of marketing implementation.

We take a thoughtful and strategic approach to our discovery process using audience insights and first-party research and data. By creating a marketing plan that incorporates strategic communications, we ensure your messages are consistent, concise, targeted, and build buy-in.

Our goal is to be your most effective collaborator. When it comes to strategic communications, we will help you build the infrastructure to cultivate meaningful connections over time.

Brand Strategy Services.

Communications Audit

Hold a mirror up to your communications activities so you can double-down on what’s working and fix what’s not.

Corporate Communications Plan

Create a roadmap to ensure you have clear and consistent messaging that builds engagement with stakeholders, employees, customers, and partners.

Employee Communications

Your employees cannot rally around your cause if they don’t understand it. We assess, then create an employee engagement and communication plan.

Process, Policy, and People

Unlike most agencies, we love building policies and processes that support comms and marketing work. We can even help recruit and/or train current talent.

Employer Brand Triage

Is your online brand tarnished from poor employee reviews? We create an action plan to improve your online rep and become an employer of choice.

Mission and Vision Tune Up

Do your employees and stakeholders understand who you are and what you’re all about? We can help clarify your mission and vision.

Spokesperson and Video Coaching

Speaking well takes talent and training. We can help select potential spokespeople and boost their confidence and skill to connect with their audience.

Media Training

Learn the do’s and don’ts of engaging media. Build your bank of key messaging around issues that affect your customers, company, and industry.

Writing, Editing, and Content Creation

We would love to handle all your writing, editing, and content creation.

Internal Communications Support

Whether it’s part of a marketing campaign or a drive to improve culture, we can help you empower your staff and get them invested in success.

Our work.

EECOL Electric.

As is often the case with B2B marketing campaigns, helping your customers understand how you support their success is key to driving engagement. Using first-party data as a foundation, we embarked on a value-added services campaign that placed EECOL's staff and their expertise front and centre.


New West Truck Centres (NWTC) illustrates MeDM's adaptability and support in the face of remarkable growth. Initially approaching us for a website, NWTC's journey with us evolved into a multifaceted partnership that transcended conventional client-agency dynamics. 

Hire Value Inc.

Brand identity is the bedrock of Hire Value's remarkable journey, harmonizing perfectly with its core purpose: to deliver top-tier human resources consulting services. 

Oasis Fertility.

MeDM’s long-standing partnership with Oasis Fertility Centre underscores our multifaceted capabilities and steadfast dedication to helping clients scale.


MeDM and CEDA: Crafting an employer brand strategy that recruits top candidates.


MeDM's collaboration with APEX in rebranding was driven by a clear vision – to align the brand with the essence of a group of government organizations striving to elevate each other. 


MeDM played a crucial role in transforming Wajax’s Engineering Services Division by establishing a unified and coherent voice within their highly technical documents.


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