Creative Director

“How may I serve?”

You’d think after 25 years in the industry, Harshh Desaur wouldn’t worry about improving his Turnaround Time (TAT), but nothing could be further than the truth.

As MeDM’s Creative Director, he consistently delivers everything from client concepts, to final edits to everything in between with a speed that makes us marvel. The breadth and depth of his design skills are rare, but rarer still is the commitment to his work. Harshh is the kind of guy who will put it all on the line to ensure a project succeeds without letting the pressure get to him.

Prior to joining MeDM, Harshh was a project officer for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, where he was responsible for the image and look of the games. His career path has included working at a design studio, an advertising agency, in prepress and printing press, for events, and as a freelance graphic designer. His past clients include Reebok, Sennheiser, Escorts Tractor, and Formula 1 Race at Buddh International Circuit in India.

Growing up, Harsh loved experimenting with cars, motors, and magnets in an effort to understand how and why things work. He always imagined a future in electronics or automobiles, though graphic design called to him as well. For Harssh, becoming a graphic designer who worked with electronic and car companies means he’s already fulfilled two of his dreams.

As someone who practices daily meditation and lucid dreaming, Harshh’s passion for spiritual pursuits is only matched by his love for learning about new technology and software. When he isn’t working on improving his TAT or keeping up with tech news, he enjoys creating new fusion dishes from ancient recipes, travelling to explore nature, mentoring start-ups, and indulging in the occasional glass of scotch.

A seeker, an explorer, and life-long learner, Harshh currently lives in Delhi National Capital Region with his loving wife, 11-year-old son, and extended family.

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