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Our work.

EECOL Electric.

As is often the case with B2B marketing campaigns, helping your customers understand how you support their success is key to driving engagement. Using first-party data as a foundation, we embarked on a value-added services campaign that placed EECOL's staff and their expertise front and centre.


New West Truck Centres (NWTC) illustrates MeDM's adaptability and support in the face of remarkable growth. Initially approaching us for a website, NWTC's journey with us evolved into a multifaceted partnership that transcended conventional client-agency dynamics. 

Hire Value Inc.

Brand identity is the bedrock of Hire Value's remarkable journey, harmonizing perfectly with its core purpose: to deliver top-tier human resources consulting services. 

Oasis Fertility.

MeDM’s long-standing partnership with Oasis Fertility Centre underscores our multifaceted capabilities and steadfast dedication to helping clients scale.


MeDM and CEDA: Crafting an employer brand strategy that recruits top candidates.


MeDM's collaboration with APEX in rebranding was driven by a clear vision – to align the brand with the essence of a group of government organizations striving to elevate each other. 


MeDM played a crucial role in transforming Wajax’s Engineering Services Division by establishing a unified and coherent voice within their highly technical documents.

Our Approach.

Successful brands are loved from the inside out.

All brands – especially in business-to-business – walk in a world without walls, where your customers talk to each other… even when you’re not there… even if you have no idea…


MeDM specializes in aligning the external and internal brand experience. Establishing trust and credibility across all audiences, we transform B2B companies into beloved, resilient brands.

How We Work.

We want to be your most effective collaborator.

MeDM isn’t interested in being just another creative agency.

These principles outline how we do that.

Be Smart.

We don’t produce tactics for tactics’ sake. Our marketing strategies, creative, and content are all rooted in research, trends, and data to deliver a strong ROI.

Be Invested.

We are driven by solving business problems, not by running up a tab. We have an innate need to get it right – success is measured by our effectiveness.

Be Honest.

“Yes people” don’t care where you end up. But we do. We challenge ourselves (and you) to create the best data-driven solutions given your budget and time.

At Your Service.

We help business-to-business brands forge authentic relationships with customers.


Unlock the value and growth potential of your brand in the eyes of ALL of your stakeholders.

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Utilize first-party data to plan and create impactful content that spurs action and shapes behaviour.

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Align messages, shape perceptions, achieve goals through purposeful information delivery.

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& Content.

Stunning, on-brand content delivered seamlessly, efficiently, and within budget.

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Elevate presence, drive conversions, enhance experiences for marketing success.

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Efficiently execute marketing strategies for maximum impact and customer engagement.

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