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From a simple logo to a thriving business: How MeDM built up Oasis Fertility’s brand.

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MeDM’s long-standing partnership with Oasis Fertility Centre underscores our multifaceted capabilities and steadfast dedication to helping clients scale. When Oasis initially approached us, they only had a logo, and their facility was in its nascent stages of development. Our collaboration began with a focus on marketing, with Oasis entrusting us to chart a course for their brand’s journey.

From there, our involvement expanded organically, encompassing brand development, website creation, and a comprehensive online marketing strategy. MeDM’s strategic guidance successfully implemented various initiatives, including patient information packages, government proposals, and engaging social media marketing campaigns.

Together, we’ve navigated the challenges and triumphs of growing a new business in an underserviced sector, propelling Oasis Fertility to where it is today – a thriving fertility clinic positively impacting the lives of its patients.




MeDM expanded Oasis Fertility’s brand from the ground up – building all collaterals from brochures to the brand accents we seamlessly integrated into their new facility.

In addition to the brand expansion, MeDM developed Oasis Fertility’s website. Understanding the myriad of emotions experienced by couples and single individuals pursuing their dream of parenthood and those facing fertility challenges – we knew an excellent and intuitive User Experience (UX) was paramount.

We created a website that quickly conveyed available services to potential clients while representing the clinic’s unique identity within the fertility space. The site and our digital marketing work cemented Oasis Fertility’s brand as an inclusive fertility clinic that used cutting-edge technology to help patients conceive.

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Social Media Marketing.


MeDM devised an impactful social media strategy that extended Oasis Fertility’s reach and engagement across various platforms. We leveraged Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Google ads to enhance their online visibility further. These carefully crafted campaigns drove significant traffic to Oasis Fertility’s digital platforms and generated a considerable volume of leads, proving to be instrumental in their journey toward profitability. 

Our strategic approach in managing and optimizing these campaigns allowed Oasis Fertility to maintain a robust online presence and effectively connect with its target audience, fostering trust and growth in its patient base.

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In tandem with our branding and marketing efforts, MeDM crafted essential marketing collateral for Oasis Fertility, including everything from infographics that simplified complex medical procedures to pitch decks for potential stakeholders.

Leaning into our expertise in branding, graphic design, marketing strategy, and content creation, we crafted informative and visually engaging packages that welcomed new patients and empowered them with essential knowledge about Oasis Fertility’s services and procedures. 

These packages were instrumental in streamlining the onboarding and education processes while creating a better patient experience overall.

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