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How to Design a Killer Transparent Business Card

A transparent business card is where it’s at. If you’ve got attitude, a dream or a following of Trappist Monks – it doesn’t matter! A transparent business card will get you where you want to go. They are versatile, impressive and flexible and that makes them memorable. But how do you make a great transparent business card?  
Know What You Want
The first thing you need to do is to decide what you want on your business card. For years you may have had a white, 3.2 inch rectangle with your logo on the left and your contact details on the bottom right, with your name in bold in the middle.

Now is the time to change! You can do it! I believe in you! Carpe Diem! Seize the day!

If you’re going to be noticed you might as well go the whole hog and make sure it’s a card they’ll never forget.

Think about your wording, ok, so your name and contact details are a must or there’s no point to having a business card. But do you need to do what you’ve always done?

Dallas Printer decided they didn’t!

  Neither did Dan Ho


  With a transparent business card you can go one further than just clever text.


  Hugo Fernadez is a freelance photographer who made his transparent business card into a clever piece of marketing by turning it into a viewfinder. This ensured it was the kind of thing that could not be forgotten.


  Steve Wozniak has turned his into a transparent geek fest that described his company just by die cutting holes into it instead of a phone number – very clever… and very memorable.

Decide on what you NEED to have on your business card and how it can be displayed, not how it has been. A transparent business card is a blank canvas and lends itself to experimentation so start to look at what you can say.

Why use your usual title?


  Idea Hooker? You get what he means – and want to know more. Sounds good to me!

Do you need some words at all?


  This transparent business card has no unnecessary text, but you still know it’s a pest exterminator and you itch to type his url into your phone to look him up.

In knowing what you want to include and how you want to include it you have half the design job done.

Do you - or Don't You?
Logo – do you, or don’t you? Most of the examples above, if you noticed, do not have their logo on their cards. SO do you … or don’t you? Maybe it’s time to modernize your logo and give it a new twist.

This company dropped the logo in favour of logo ‘teaser’ and a special optical illusion transparent plastic that completely changes the image. So COOL!

  This card uses the Logo as the centrepiece and relegates all the contact information to the reverse. Remember the company? You bet you would!

Either with or without the logo, with the right design you can make it work.

Single or Double?
Printing on both sides of your transparent business card will increase the cost, but it will increase the ‘cool’ factor more.

Single sided cards give a more traditional look, the kind of card people are expecting to receive.

  Double sided are more complex and limit your design, but they really make the card into something unbelievable.



  When you have decided all you want, or need, on your transparent business card, it’s time to get it printed and no ordinary printer will do.

Bring it to us! We can create you the design of your dreams and then make it into the design of your dreams. Nothing else will do.

Even if you can’t decide on a design we can help there too. Just bring your idea along and we can make it perfect for you.

We can create an image for your company that you’ve never had before.

What are you waiting for?