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Calgary Marketing: Canada Day Marketing Ideas

On the first of July 1867, Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick came together to become one country. Since that day, Canadians have celebrated Canada day. The 100th anniversary of the day saw a drastic increase in the number of people who celebrated the holiday. Although it was called Dominion Day until 1982 when Canada became fully independent from Britain. The start of July calls for all Canadians come together to celebrate what makes our nation unique. Therefore, our Canada Day marketing ideas will highlight our culture while encouraging festive engagement with your community!

When we think of Canada day, we think of parades, picnics, festivals, sporting events and fireworks.

Like most holidays, Canada day is a great opportunity for business people to market and sell their products. Here are some ideas to help you market your business on Canada day.

Here are our top Canada Day marketing ideas:

Hold a photo contest.
The first of our Canada Day marketing ideas is a photo contest! There are different ways to run a photo contest. One of such ways is to collect user generated photos and ask them to vote on it. A good prize and a nice prompt will result in a lots of your followers sending in their photos. Your prize does not even have to be to the users alone. You can decide to donate to a charity chosen by the winner of your contest. A good idea for the Canada Day photo contest will be for your followers to send in pictures taken at their favourite Canadian landmark or something that to them, represents Canada.
Giving away a product or gift is a good way to market your business on Canada Day, or any holiday for that matter. While conducting this giveaway, make sure your current customers are aware of it. If they have purchased something from you before, they will be glad to know they can get something for free.

You can start the giveaway before Canada Day to build anticipation towards the big day. Keep people involved in the contest updated. You can also give away some minor gifts before Canada Day when the main winner is announced and the big prize is given. Make this contest beneficial for you and your client. Have your customers tag a friend, like or page, or share. To Stick with the Canada Day Marketing Ideas theme, give something away that screams Canada to you! Think of a Canadian made product, maple syrup, etc. Get creative, it will make the giveaway more fun!
Commit to the theme.
Stay true to the colour and spirit of the day with all your marketing. Host an event, this is a great way to celebrate a community-building holiday. You can host children and have activities such as maple leaf face painting. Or if your business is geared towards adults, you can host an event with live music from a local Canadian band.

You can also give away Canada Day t-shirts at the event. Make sure your logo is on the t-shirts. If the people have a great time at your event, chance are that they will come back to patronize you when the day is over.
Write a blog post
With the feeling of patriotism and community that comes with Canada Day, you can write warm, fun blog posts about Canada. The topics could range from “5 places to visit on Canada Day” to “Canada’s best sports exports” or in our case, “Canada Day Marketing Ideas”. The topics you could write on her many but it is smart that the topic you pick can be tied back to your business. This is a marketing strategy anyway so it is not enough to write about Canada, you should connect it back to your business.
Get Involved
It is not enough to stay in your office or behind your social media platforms, this is a special day, get involved. Every business, even online businesses have a community where they function. Get involved with the activities going on in your community. Join the parade, host a picnic, sponsor a sporting activity.

You may not be able to spend the big bucks but you can give away your products as gifts for local competitions. As mentioned earlier, host events in your community. People love to do business with people they know. Canada Day could be a great opportunity for your community to know you, even if it means going to other people’s events and networking.
Canada Day Sales
Everyone loves a sale. You can hold a sale under the umbrella of this national holiday; you are rewarding Canadians for being wonderful people. This fits into the spirit of the holiday and the community feeling of the Canada Day and it gives customers a good reason to patronize your business.

Advertise your products in a fun and playful manner. Embrace the identity and spirit and go all out to celebrate the day. Your choice of colours, maple leaf paintings and every other thing that can shout ‘we love Canada’ will all do well to market your business.
Get Creative on Social Media
Dedicate your social media platforms to the holiday. There are several things you could do to engage your customers.

You could share events happening in your city.

You could post history facts surrounding the holiday.

You could post fun facts about Canada.

If your business is a restaurant, you could share Canadian recipes or themed drinks, food and desserts.

You could do posts like ‘How to Throw a Canada day Party’.

The idea is to post content that will celebrate the holiday, engage your customers and market your products.

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